Classes: Self-Defense


Every 1.3 minutes a woman is raped.

Every 17 seconds, someone is a victim of violent crime.

Knowledge destroys myths and begins preparation.




SELF-DEFENSE CLASSES begin as workshops and then lead into on-going training for those who are interested in continuing the learning and reinforcement process. Students learn techniques that work effectively while standing, sitting, and lying down. Open discussion is an important part of the process. Classes are open to women of all ages. The learning environment is safe and non-competitive.

Classes may be tailored to accommodate:

  • Private groups
  • Corporate training
  • Brown bag lunch safety talks
  • Padded attacker classes

Classes are scheduled on a semi-regular basis. Send an email to to be put on our mailing list for upcoming classes and workshops.

To schedule or register for a workshop, call (510) 428-1979.

Hoa Sen Dojo
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Emeryville, CA 94608
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Becoming the Lotus

Emerging from the depths of a muddy swamp, the pure white lotus flower symbolizes enlightenment and rebirth. Playing a prominent role in creation stories in ancient Egypt and India, the flower is an apt choice for a school which emphasizes personal growth through learning martial movement.

From the darkest depth comes the purest of blooms, the only plant to fruit and flower simultaneously. The lotus is a metaphor for the self-actualization made possible through study and discipline. This is the mission at Hoa Sen Dojo.